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Warren Buffett Quotes on Money

Warren Buffett quotes on money. How Warren Buffett got rich and his attitude towards money. Strong Conviction that he will be rich Biographies of Warren Buffett such as Alice Schroeder’s ‘Snowball’ and Roger Lowenstein’s ‘Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist’ often describe how this man who was at one time the richest man on […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Options

Warren Buffett quotes on options. Why Warren Buffett disapproves of options and his thoughts on options backdating. Options as Executive Compensation Warren Buffett often states that he does not approve of options. This is because options carry with them a perverse risk-reward system that he does not like. Options gave its holders the potential for […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Management

Warren Buffett quotes on management. What Buffett looks for in his managers and what it takes to create quality management teams. Avoid the Big Egos Buffett has said on many occasions that his managers are extremely important. A large part of making good investments is selecting good managers who are reliable, motivated, and can be […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Leverage

Warren Buffett quotes on leverage. Why Warren Buffett avoids debt – and what alternatives to debt he uses to still gain leverage. Debt/Borrowed money is the weak link Warren Buffett writes that debt can often be the fatal weak link that leads to the terrifying collapse of a fund that might always have had a […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Life

Warren Buffett quotes on life. Warren Buffett on what it takes to live a good life. Wanted to make a very clean type of income. A couple of times I remember saying, “Gee, Warren, this thing isn’t reported” [to the government]. And he said, “I’m putting it in.” Do what you love Warren Buffett and […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Insurance

Warren Buffett quotes on insurance. Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance operations played a very important role in the company’s success. Buffett used cash generated by his textile operations to fund entry into the insurance business by purchasing National Indemnity Company in 1967. Insurance Float Why does Warren Buffett like insurance companies? These companies are attractive because of […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Integrity

Warren Buffett quotes on integrity. Why impeccable integrity is important to becoming a successful businessman and investor. Warren Buffett pays very strong attention to integrity and honesty both when evaluating potential investments and when selecting managers for his businesses. As he likes to say, “There’s never just one cockroach in the kitchen”. A person or […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Inflation

Warren Buffett quotes on inflation. How inflation can impact your investments and why it is an important investment consideration. In one of the Berkshire shareholder meetings, an investor asked Warren Buffett: ‘In a period of high inflation, which of your businesses will do well and not so well?’ Buffett’s answer to this illustrates another important […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Investing

Warren Buffett quotes on investing. What it takes to be the best investor in the world. Keep your own counsel One of the most important quotes from Warren Buffett is that successful investing that not require genius, high IQ or anything like that. Rather, it requires rationality and firmness of character. Part of this is […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Hard Work

Warren Buffett quotes on hard work. If you want to become the world’s number one investor, there is no substitute for hard work. Here is one of my favorite quotes on Warren Buffett: “By the age of 10, I’d read every book in the Omaha Public Library with the word finance in the title – […]