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Warren Buffett Quotes on Hiring

Warren Buffett on hiring. What Buffett focuses on when hiring his CEOs and managers. Difficult to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks This unconventional quote explains Buffett’s approach to hiring. He values age and experience greatly – unlike many others, Buffett is not afraid of hiring older mangers. Rather, he says, ‘It is difficult to […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Economy

Warren Buffett Quotes on Economy. Why Warren Buffett remains optimistic about the American economy. Burlington Northern Santa Fe With the US debt downgrade, unresolved subprime mortgage crisis, high unemployment and host of other problems in the American economy, it is easy to be bleak about the future of the American economy. However, Warren Buffett remains […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Greed

Warren Buffett Quotes on greed. The following Warren Buffett quotes on being greedy will help you refine your investing acumen. Market Climax of Greed: 1969-1972 When was it important to sell? In 1969, those who were greedy were caught. Back then, the bull market that lasted through 60s was about to climax, before it bubbled […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Business

Warren Buffett quotes on business. What Warren Buffett thinks about what it takes to do good business. Warren Buffett Quote on Berkshire ‘When a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact.’ What is this quote about? […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Airlines

Warren Buffett Quotes on Airlines. Why does Warren Buffett shuns airlines? Quotes from Warren Buffett on the airline industry. Warren Buffett Investment in US Air In 1989, Buffett purchased $358 million of US Air preferred with 9.25% dividend, mandatory redemption in 10 years, and right to convert into common at $60 a share. Although Buffett […]

Warren Buffett Quotes on Success

Warren Buffett quotes on success – this collection draws from the large collection of wit and wisdom from Warren Buffett. The following quotes focus on what he has to say about success in life: As one of the Indianopolis ‘500’ winners said, ‘To finish first, you must first finish.’ – This was Warren’s exhortation against […]

Quotes by Warren Buffett

The following quotes by Warren Buffett are the most important quotes that best describe his thinking about many different areas of life. Never Losing Money “‘Never lose money’ is an unyielding standard; it forecloses the option of taking any speculative risks.” Commentary: This is why Buffett has so outdistanced investors who earn impressive returns in […]